Economic and Development Problems in Africa (2014 Semester 2)

2014 Semester 1 – Course outline

UDM MSc Course on Education and Development (4-8 Nov 2013, Maputo)

Economic and Development Problems in Africa (2013 Semester 2)

  •  2013 (Semester 2) Course outline
  • Lecture 1 [29 Jul] – Understanding Foreign Aid
    • Required reading: Chapter 1 (Easterly)
    • Required reading: Book summary (Sachs)
    • Group sign-up here
    • Group presentations should be:
      • Not longer than 20 minutes (excluding questions). Those who present (max 4) cannot answer questions – the remaining group members must answer questions. The most important thing is that it must be interesting (30%), informative (30%) and visually appealing (30%). You shouldn’t have more than at most 15 slides. Everyone in the group gets the same mark – that mark can change (increase or decrease) based on the questions you (as an individual) ask other groups in other weeks.
  • Lecture 2 [5 Aug]  – South Africa: Poverty & Inequality in SA
  • Lecture 3 [12 Aug] – Education in South Africa (Part 1)
    • Required reading: THIS report (especially chapters 6, 7 and 8).
  • Lecture 4 [19 Aug] – Education in South Africa (Part 2)
    • Donaldson, A. (1992). Content, quality and flexibility: The Economics of education system changeSpotlight 5/92. Johannesburg: South African Institute of Race Relations. (NB: You will be writing a review of this article!)
    • Present a short and concise summary of the main arguments presented in the paper – you must decide what you think are the three or so main points or themes that are raised by the author(s). Your review should be not more than 500 words, 1.5 line spacing, 12 font. You will be penalized if you do not adhere to these specifications. If you cite readings other than the prescribed reading include a bibliography – the bibliography does not count towards the word count. If you would like to provide some analysis (included in your 500 word-count) you are welcome to do so.
  • Lecture 6 [2 Sept] – An introduction to policy briefs and data analysis:
  • Lecture 7 16 Sept] onwards – Nico Katzke’s section of the course.
  • Marks as of 20 Sept 2013

Economic and Development Problems in Africa (2013 Semester 1)

Guest lectures

Economic and Development Problems in Africa (2012 Semester 1)

FINAL MARKS SEMESTER 1 – if there are any errors email me before Friday 18 May. (I have blacked out your lowest two marks)

(Essays can be collected outside my office)

You may find the following sites useful for buying books in South Africa: Loot, Kalahari, Exclusives


General Academic:


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  1. Verena mitschke

    Dear Mr Spaull,

    I’ve been a student of your class last semester. Could you send me the course outline of last year as I only find the New one but there it sais no exam.

    Kind regards,

    Verena Mitschke

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