Monthly Archives: November 2022

We’re hiring! (RESEP Project Administrator)

If you’re keen to come and work with the RESEP team at Stellenbosch, we’re hiring a Project Administrator either on a 50% basis (R150-250k) or a 75% basis (R225-R375k) depending on qualifications and experience. We are trying to prioritise the diversity of the RESEP team and encourage all interested parties to apply. This position is mainly working on a large new project called the Teacher Demographic Dividend. Nearly half of all publicly employed teachers are aged 50+ and will therefore retire in the next 10-15 years. This will bring both challenges and opportunities.

RESEP is collegial and friendly and we enjoy working with each other. We are also big on creating opportunities for people to grow into new roles.

For more information for this position see below and apply HERE (deadline 5 Dec 2022).

Links I Liked #33

  • A new-ish paper by Das, Singh & Chang (2022) “Test scores and educational opportunities: Panel evidence from five low- and middle-income countries” is a sobering reminder of the primacy of family wealth and socioeconomic status: “A striking implication is that in every country, children from low SES backgrounds who are in the 80th percentile of test scores at age 12 have similar years of completed schooling at age 22 as children from high SES backgrounds who were at the 20th percentile of test scores.”
  • IEA published a list of “Factsheets” for International Large Scale Assessments (ILSAs), for example TIMSS 2019.
  • RTI (2021) Higher Grounds: Practical Guidelines for Forging Learning Pathways in Upper Primary Education
  • Nice visualisation of Pakistan’s 2022 budget (GitHub)