Monthly Archives: September 2012

M&G article – intervene as early as possible

I have an article in this week’s M&G discussing when and how we should intervene to right the wrongs of apartheid. You can read it here. In short, fighting inequality in the labour market will only have limited success because the patterns of who has which skills have already been cemented for many years. Rather we should be intervening as early as possible (preschool) and fighting the generative mechanisms of inequality rather than simply dealing with the effects of those generative mechanisms. Interested to hear people’s thoughts on this…

NAPTOSA Keynote presentation – Education in SA


On Friday the 27th of August I gave the keynote address at the NAPTOSA annual conference in Durban. The presentation is downloadable here: “Education Report Card 1996-2011: An Ailing System”. I also wrote up most of the speech as an article which is now available online on the Politicsweb website: Education in SA: a tale of two systems. All in all it was a great time in Durban.