NAPTOSA Keynote presentation – Education in SA


On Friday the 27th of August I gave the keynote address at the NAPTOSA annual conference in Durban. The presentation is downloadable here: “Education Report Card 1996-2011: An Ailing System”. I also wrote up most of the speech as an article which is now available online on the Politicsweb website: Education in SA: a tale of two systems. All in all it was a great time in Durban. 

One response to “NAPTOSA Keynote presentation – Education in SA

  1. Hi NIc
    Just read your recent article on education and was at the conference too. I manage a small private foudnation ( and work with some Uni’s, about to expand to others and would love to chat to you.

    I travel quite a bit, but am based in CTN, so please send an email address or cell phone number so that we can connect.

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