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  1. Do you have a FB page? I wanted to tag you in a photo I am using to link to your website. 🙂 ❤

  2. bongani mbatha

    MARCH 06,2020


    This is a letter writen by a learner from Suiderberg school.
    I’m concerned with the level of education that is being thought at
    Suiderberg school and not just Suiderberg school , All ’’LSEN’’ schools
    and why are these schools classified as ’’Learners with Special Educational Needs’’ were 90% of the learners are not handycaped in any formor shape .And from my knowledge that i have observed Suiderber school was called Williem Snyman school and it was a ’’VOCATIONAL SCHOOL’’

    I’m concerned about my future and my fellow learners .
    Knowing that 400 000 kids dropped out of school (no proof of their education status whatsoever’’Minister of education Angie Motshekga stats report’’

    ’’ where are the missing 400 000 pupils who started grade 1 in 2007?’’
    Most of them are pushed into LSEN schools because the mainsteam schools system cannot work with them they might be facing challenges at home , no learning disorder or disablities whatsoever but yet they are being pushed into ’’LSEN schools’’



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