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Beckham and Business

OK, so this post doesn’t have much to do with the picture (although they both involve business and the environment, and I just think this picture is cool!). Also, while I don’t necessarily agree with the quote, he’s got a point and makes it in a very humorous way – kudos Schumpeter!

“STEVE COOGAN, a British comedian, once told a joke about David Beckham, a footballer who is unlikely to win a Nobel prize for physics: “They say, ‘Oh, David Beckham—he’s not very clever.’ Yeah. They don’t say, ‘Stephen Hawking—shit at football.’” Successful corporations are like Mr Beckham. Both excel at one thing: in Mr Beckham’s case, kicking a ball; in the corporations’ case, making profits. They may also be reasonably adept at other things, such as modelling sunglasses or forming task forces to solve environmental problems. But their chief contribution to society comes from their area of specialisation.”

– Schumpeter in The Economist (Oct 21st 2010)


“The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority”

-Kenneth Blanchard