My name is Nic Spaull and I’m currently completing my PhD in Economics at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I’m also part of RESEP - SVDB’s crew of cool researchers who look at things related to social policy. Full CV here, minimalist version here.

So this is my blog, which is a selective collection of thoughts about my reality, the reality of others and anything else I think is interesting or noteworthy. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter and  Tumblr and Pinterest.

I’ll try and include one picture with every post to keep it visually interesting…

Also, I believe that wherever possible we should share information. Information empowers people, and enables them to make better decisions and to take advantage of more opportunities. So wherever feasible I’ve included links to whatever I’m talking about, or better still, the actual document. Onward and upward…

email: nicholasspaull{at}gmail{dot}com

[And thanks to (super talented) Michael Chandler for the cool sketch on the right]

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  1. Nic this is perfect :)

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