Often I don’t know what to do. I’m not always sure how to describe it but it usually just comes as a sense over me where I say “I don’t know what to do”. Sometimes I’m not sure what I should feel, if indeed I should feel anything. Sometimes I don’t know if I should care, or if I should care, why I don’t care. It feels like an in between place between having purpose and drive and being completely apathetic. Usually I just sleep it off and it goes away but I think I will think about it now and see what comes of it. It feels like opening a door which leads into a dimly-lit room which has a musty, unused smell. With a beige haze I look around and can’t see anything clearly. I feel awkward and paranoid as I tilt my head upwards, looking forward. Truly, I don’t know what to do…

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  1. I feel exactly the same..

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