Everything in life is affected by our perspective. The way we look at the world, our family and friends, God, the Bible, our purpose in life…everything depends on your perspective. If everyone had the same perspective, we would have no difference of opinion, no difference in religion, no difference in culture- no differences at all. So one might argue that a difference in perspective is something to be desired, if only to preserve diversity and individuality. I would not disagree with you on this, however where I do disagree is where there is one right perspective on something and people still desire to have multiple perspectives. It is so important to try and remove the lenses that we have on our eyes so that we can not only see how others see the world, but see the world as it really is. In any particular situation that we find ourselves in, we should try and identify those factors that are influencing the way that we think, act and feel. Identification is half the battle won…

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