Pure Capitalism

“I [suspect] we are throwing more and more of our resources, including the cream of our youth, into financial services, into activities that generate high private rewards disproportionate to their social productivity. I suspect that the immense power of the computer is being harnessed to this ‘paper economy’, not to do the same transactions more economically but to balloon the quantity and variety of financial exchanges…I fear that, as Keynes saw even in his day, the advantages of liquidity and negotiability of financial instruments come at the cost of facilitating nth-degree speculation which is short sighted and inefficient” – James Tobin (1984)

This observation of Tobin was prescient and prophetic considering he wrote it in 1984! Personally I love this picture – it is so tongue-in-cheek. It highlights the absolute absurdity of our cycle of consumerism we are lead to believe is life. Study so you can get a good job, so you can earn a good salary, so you can buy lots of stuff and supposedly be happy. Then work harder to get a raise so you can have kids and send them to good schools, so that they too can earn a good salary and buy lots of stuff. Bleh. How is it that smart people can’t see straight through this? Often it is the smartest people that seem to be the most driven to succeed (as defined by our materialist culture).

I suspect the winds of change, they are a’blowing…

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