OK, this is such a silly picture but I think it is kind of funny. It reminded me of a principle we teach in Economics: you do not have to understand something to be doing it. Tiger Woods (probably not the best example at the moment) does not need to understand Newton’s laws of motion, or the mathematics of arc’s, trajectories etc to hit a perfect shot, he just does it. Likewise he does not need to understand the psychological, hormonal and physical processes (that occur when he meets some hot chick) to act on those impulses. In Economics terms, you may not understand the principles of diminishing marginal utility, the Law of Demand or the psychological processes involved with cognitive dissonance (buyers remorse) and yet we act accordingly all the time. Where I’m going with all this is that as we advance as a human race and begin to understand more of the world (Science, Biology, Biochemistry etc) we understand more of what causes things, and also what are the results of the thing that was caused. We do not understand Grace fully and yet we partake (?) of it. We do not understand the ramifications of responding to the salvation call of God on our lives and yet we do it anyway. However, understanding these things (usually in hindsight) is particularly useful and thrilling! Taking this to a broader level, as we advance, we start to understand more and more of things we have been doing but didn’t even know we were doing. Or the principles we were acting in accordance with, without even knowing it. We are all part of God’s Redemption Plan on the earth. As we understand more about God, Salvation, Predestination and Sovereignty we can begin to glimpse and (perhaps) understand a portion of the awesome plan of God that is unfolding throughout the world today. I hope so…

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