“One mark of genuine Christianity is faith in the eye-witness testimony concerning the historical facts of the gospel (1 John1:1-4). Another test is love: how we respond when we are  ill-treated, whether we show kindness or whether we lack kindness, our freedom from jealousy or envy, our unfeigned graciousness towards people, our endurance when people are difficult, our humility or lack of humility, our attitude to our ‘self’, our ability to control anger, our freedom from a critical spirit, our willingness to suffer for the sake of good relationships, our determination to persist in friendship no matter what happens, our determination to make goodwill characterise everything we do.”

What a useful description of how we can test for love in ourselves. Eaton is a machine!

From Michael Eaton’s Commentary on 1,2,3 John. Focus on the Bible. 1996. Christian Focus Publications

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