(Soares, 2010)

“I had to make the decision and now she blames me,” he raised his voice, “she holds a grudge as tight as a bloody rosary, manipulative woman!” (Soares, 2010)

“It was cold on the bathroom floor on the day of my birth. Secret, untold, I now entered the world. Too much of my life resembles my birth.” (Soares, 2010)

A friend of mine (Luisa Soares) wrote the above two lines and I thought I’d dedicate this blogpost to her future writing career (she has a nack for writing) and I wanted to be the first person to reference her work…check out her blog at http://antsonbread.blogspot.com/

Since some of you out there (Julia) are referencing sticklers:

Soares, L. 2010. Short (very short) Stories. Ants on Bread. Online. Available: http://antsonbread.blogspot.com/ [12/03/2010]

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