Often I think to myself that there are not enough people who have healthy delusions of grandeur. Wanting to accomplish something big in your life is not a sin in and of itself. So often we look at those feelings as prideful or greedy and yet I don’t think that the root is pride or greed. For sure this desire for greatness can be manifested in the wrong way by people wanting to amass fortunes or become famous. But we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater – there is a place for this desire for greatness and significance, for purpose and meaning. Ambitious people who come to Christ should not be told to cut off that desire since the correct response to abuse is not non-use but proper use. Those energies should be channelled into something productive and of eternal significance.  As people grow up, most lose their ambition to want to do something important or unconventional and instead settle for a run of the mill life…hmmm

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