Ships in the night…

“In 1968 Stringfellow Barr, an historian and president of St John’s College in Maryland, wrote a Socratic critique of American discourse: “There is a pathos in television dialogue: the rapid exchange of monologues that fail to find the issue, like ships passing in the night; the reiterated preface, ‘I think that…,’ as if it mattered who held which opinion rather than which opinion is worth holding; the impressive personal vanity that prevents each ‘discussant’ from really listening to another speaker”. [Economist, 19th December 2010, Socrates in America: Arguing to Death]

This is incredibly profound. Especially if it is true, as I suspect it is, that true conversation can create understanding, bring healing and bring to reality unspoken, unknown truths that lurk in the recesses of our minds…engage people. Connect. Fellowship. Commune. Partake.

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  1. Absolutely

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