Prophet, Priest, King

“In fact, another way of summing up the Old Testament witness to Christ is to say that it depicts him as a greater prophet than Moses, a greater priest than Aaron and a greater king than David. That is to say, he will perfectly reveal God to man, reconcile man to God and rule over man for God. In him, the Old Testament ideals of prophecy, priesthood and kingship will find their final fulfillment.” – John Stott   ‘Understanding the Bible’ p20

2 responses to “Prophet, Priest, King

  1. I like that. We often think the old testament was a picture that we should model in life and the way we see the church. When in fact, the simple point was that Jesus is the complete fullness of those things. He is our only mediator, instant and intimate access to God (priest), our personal and community rules (king) and the voice we follow (prophet). Man is still playing too big a role in these 3 positions in the lives of other believers.

  2. Aint that the truth!

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