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So today I discovered: workisnotajob. It’s a wonderful smorgasboard of creativity. I was practically clicking my heels as I went to work today after I discovered the awesome site. You really should check it out. Seriously. So I’ve decided that for the next week I’m going to post at least one image a day (from Workisnotajob) with a very brief comment of my own.

I hope you like it.

Here goes…

There are a few things that I am sure of in this life.

I know that people are more important than possessions.

A life filled with meaningful relationships is full and organic whereas a life filled with possessions is hollow and static.

Openness trumps secrecy. Always.

Life without God is not only meaningless, it is largely unmanageable (if you haven’t got to the unmanageable part, just wait).

Technology and the Internet are an integral part of the future – dismiss them at your peril.  

Life without learning is is like drinking the best wine in the world and thinking it tastes the same as an Al-Cheapo no-name brand.

So yes, I agree with the picture. The future does belong to the few willing to distinguish sense from nonsense.

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