Thought police…


This is such a great picture that deserves a blog post all its own about the virtues of critical thinking and the need for freedom of speech. Until then here are some articles I’ve read recently and really enjoyed:

  • The power of introverts – Susan Cain. Great TED talk about why our obsession with extroversion is bad for introverts, bad for extroverts, and bad for society.
  • Prof Sean Archer writes an informed and intelligent M&G article about why the private sector needs to be paid more attention as far as job-creation in South Africa goes.
  • The Eastern Cape’s textbook crisis may be worse than Limpopo’s (depressing) – article here
  • Quote of the day “There is a way to critique intelligently and respectfully, without eroding the validity of your disagreement. It boils down to manners“. – Albert Einstein (from Brainpickings).

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