Breezy Saturday reading…

poke the bear


  • Poke the bear – usually good advice when dealing with inefficient bureaucracies whose incompetence weighs especially heavy on the poor.
  • Comprehensive Financial Mail article on education in SA – “SA running out of time to tackle education woes – quotes a number of people from RESEP.
  • Daily Maverick article “Angie Motshekga’s education claims – the true score” – an article which has a few quotes from yours truly 🙂
  • Chris Blattman’s course outlines for his 2013 classes on political economy at Columbia. If only lecturers were as witty, engaging and cool as Chris.
  • Making sense of rising IQ scores – Andreas Schleicher – wise as usual.
  • Maths is important – in case you mistakenly doubted this
  • List of free online open courses
  • A nice Economist article about PISA results and international rankings
    • “A big message is that national culture matters more than the structure of an education system. So the main lesson for policymakers may be to put education at the forefront of the story a nation tells about itself. Countries which do that with conviction and consistency can leapfrog the complacent”
  • Hanushek and Rothstein (2013) article titled “What do international tests really show about US student performance? – interesting article but it begs the question “does controlling for x excuse x being there in the first place?”
  • Nice quote by Coleman commenting on development since the Coleman Report in the US: “What appears to be at the base of the idea of equality of educational opportunity as used by the Court is a public educational system that is sufficiently effective to prevent, for normally intelligent children, the disadvantages that result from their family circumstances from handicapping them severely in adult life, in occupation and otherwise” (Coleman, 1975, p. 28).

    On an unrelated note…today I’m off to a wedding in Tulbagh – yet another corner of paradise.

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