Let go or be dragged…



So the picture here is in reference to an article I wrote for Youth Day which will hopefully be in one of the papers this weekend (provided the Stellenbosch folk at Ogilvy get crack-a-lacking). But just to make you feel special (whoever you blog-followers might be) this is the opening paragraph:

“This Youth Day three men have the power to change the lives of 12 million South African children, with the stroke of a pen. This may sound like the usual political rhetoric around Youth Day, but I assure you, this is probably the most tangible opportunity of 2013. The idea is simple: provide mobile access to Wikipedia free of data charges.  It isn’t complicated or glamorous, but it would put the world’s knowledge in the hands of millions of South African youths, youths without libraries or computers or the Internet. “What is chlorophyll?”; “Who was Seretse Khama?”; “Where are the Canary Islands?” – four million articles on absolutely everything, all accessible through a cell phone.” 

The three men are the CEOs of Vodacom, MTN and Cell-C. And for the regular interesting reading, see:

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