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racial stereotypes


I’m currently in Helsinki at the UNU WIDER conference on “Inclusive Growth in Africa” – I presented my paper which combines access to education and the quality of education. Helsinki is a pretty cool city although not particularly exciting or historically important. Tallinn, which is just a 2.5 hour ferry-ride away, is much more interesting and quaint.

  • Conceptual map of learning theories in education – helpful mind-map of all the different learning theories with links to their Wikipedia pages.
  • Also using CMAP technology, check out the Grade 4 – 6 Life Sciences and Natural Sciences concept maps developed by Megan Beckett at Siyavula. On the Thunderbolt Kids website you can also download posters and textbooks for Grades 4-6.
  • The 1861 infographic that Abraham Lincoln used to see the reach of slavery in the US – here. (via FarnamStreetBlog).
  • Wonderful lecture by Eugene Peterson titled “Teach us to Care and Teach us Not to Care” (PDF)
  • The Institute of Education Sciences’ “What Works Clearinghouse” is a really interesting concept. Essentially like a meta-analysis tool to give end-users (like teachers) an overview of what the research says on a particular topic. Very interesting. I want one!
  • Great repository of CS Lewis articles – here
  • ChronoZoom – looks pretty cool 🙂

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