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you are here

  • Republicans shut down prefrontal cortex – classic New Yorker article worth a read.
  • I always have time for the erudite Alistair Sparks. In this Business Day article “A crippling disconnection in our economic thinking” he outlines why the status quo isn’t leading anywhere particularly hopeful.
  • Another faux pas of the DBE – they will only use MS Office for Computer Applications Technology (CAT) – i.e. no open source programs allowed. And only Delphi for computer programming, not the sharpest tool in the shed  – see article here.
  • One of the few RCT’s in the field of education in South Africa. Essentially it evaluates the causal impact of the matric Mind The Gap series (PDF here). For background reading on RCTs see this report by the UK government.
  • On the 23rd of September Trevor Manual gave the keynote address at the Growth Week 2013. You can listen to the speech here – I didn’t find it hugely absorbing though.
  • If the U.S media covered the recent shutdown the same way they covered news from other countries, it’d look something like this 🙂 I chortled once or twice…
  • Pic via @PaulaLouise

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