Links I liked…


  • The above vase was made from ice-cream sticks – pretty epic.
  • This week I attended the Harvard African Development Conference and heard a bunch of cool talks : (1) Raul Pantaleo opened my eyes to a bunch of cool context-specific, culturally-relevant, architecture projects that they they’ve done around the world (TAM associati). Check out some of the their projects here. (2) The folks at Mass Design are also doing amazing work using architecture in new and interesting ways – think integrating sociology, ecology, the environment and design – pretty epic. (And they are crazy young which is always a plus!). Also watch this 5-min PopTech talk by Founder Michael Murphy on “Architecting Health” (3) interesting website aiming to “construct a web of knowledge” to learn new concepts – randomly started chatting to a guy at a cafe at MIT (Maths PhD student, of course) and it turns out he’s interested in  machine learning in education…
  • In 15 years the question of whether or not a surfer (or anyone) is gay will be so irrelevant that people will wonder why you are even asking it. See this short clip which is a rough-shod attempt at changing the gay narrative.
  • Great 2 page summary/highlights of the 2014 Budget for South Africa (thanks Treasury)
  • Helpful website listing post-doc opportunities in the US focussing on educational sciences.
  • “Gender-specific books demean all our children. So the Independent on Sunday will no longer review anything marketed to exclude either sex” (see here). Finally some sense.
  • Stem-cells in mothers breast milk (New Scientist article) “Cultured samples also grew into different tissues including bone, neuron, heart and pancreatic cells”
  • Great article by Servaas Van der Berg & Eldridge Moses (2012). How better targeting of social spending affects social delivery in South Africa.(accessible & important!)
  • Pretty interesting idea of offering a coding summer-school in CT – iExperience – with all the touristy bells-and-whistles that come along with trying to attract kids from America.
  • Interesting article on “The Rise of the Open Source Coder Generation” – thanks Christine

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