Gauteng Dept. of Education vacancies


The lack of capacity of the civil service in South Africa is one of the major impediments to improvement in education (and obviously all the other sectors as well). In the spirit of getting competent people into important positions I thought I would draw your attention to two current vacancies in the Gauteng Department 20121211103022_thumb_DOE-Gauteng-provof Education: (1) Chief Education Specialist: Education Planning and Information, and (2) Chief Education Specialist: Education Research. The full description (requirements, remuneration, etc.) can be found here, and the deadline for applications is the 13th of June. If you know of anyone who may be interested in the position please do forward this on to them. (If you know of any government vacancies in education and would like them advertised on here please do send them along and I’ll post them on the blog).

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