Special issue of SA Journal of Early Childhood Education: Call for abstracts

call for abstracts

The relatively new open-access SA Journal of Childhood Education has recently put out a call for abstracts (see below) for their special issue on “Priorities and policy-making in South African Education” (Guest editors: Nick Taylor and Thabo Mabogoane). Given the policy relevance of this special issue, researchers at ReSEP (including myself) will be submitting a number of abstracts for work we are currently doing and intend to do. If you’re doing work in this field I’d encourage you to do the same, it’s likely to be a great issue!


Special issue: Call for Papers “Priorities and Policy-making in South African Education”

 Guest editors: Nick Taylor and Thabo Mabogoa

Despite considerable expenditures and efforts to improve performance and reduce inequality, there is limited evidence of substantial improvements in educational outcomes, or the equalisation thereof. Periodic reviews of the evidence have shown a number of recurring themes that are especially characteristic of schooling in South Africa. These include unequal access to socially, emotionally and cognitively stimulating environments (both in the home and at school), insufficient resources, low levels of curriculum coverage, low levels of teacher content knowledge, inadequate support and training opportunities for in-service teachers, challenges associated with learning and teaching in a second language, low levels of accountability and high dropout in upper secondary school (among many others).

While education officials are often aware of these challenges, most policy-makers find it difficult to synthesise this evidence, which is necessary for prioritisation and resource allocation. Making sense from research is particularly challenging  when it is presented in isolation from other problem areas and only speaks to other research within its ‘silo’.  It is now widely acknowledged that if government policies are to have the largest possible impact, they need to be based on rigorous evidence and peer-reviewed research. Furthermore the National Development Plan (the government’s guiding framework) has emphasised the need for the “process of prioritisation and sequencing” if the plan is to be implemented. Such a process of prioritisation and sequencing requires rich, inter-connected evidence on education in South Africa.

Consequently, this call for papers focuses on education research in South Africa that speaks directly to policy-making and prioritisation. Papers that synthesise existing evidence across research areas in education are especially welcome.

Instructions for authors: www.sajce.co.za

Journal administrator: childhooded@uj.ac.za

Online submissions and author registration: www.sajce.co.za

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 March 2015
Deadline for full papers (of accepted abstracts): 30 June 2015
Intended publication date: November 2015

The SAJCE is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training and  has applied, through the Academy of Science of South Africa  (ASSAF) for listing  on the open journals platform, ScIELO 

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