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As part of one my research projects we are now focussing on reading in the Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3) and developing a course to train Foundation Phase teachers how to teach reading, because, as it turns out, most Foundation Phase teachers don’t actually know how to teach reading (in an African language or in English). We’re getting the best literacy experts in the country on it and developing a world class video-based, year-long, part-time course showing practically what the various building blocks of reading are, why they’re important, how to teach them, and when. It’s still in the concept note phase – and you’ll hear more about it in the next 3 months – but for now here are some great articles and books about reading:

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  1. Very interested in your research project 🙂 You might want to check out the work of world renown educational linguistics Rothery, Martin, Rose and Halliday who have already developed a similar course for teachers. They have been researching a cost effective way to teach teachers how to explicitly teach reading and writing skills since 1994. Their work, however, is for all phases of education and is intended to ensure the teaching of reading and writing is done across the curriculum and not with just language teachers, which is very important. Their training programme which is in modular form, is being used in Europe, Scotland, Uganda, South Africa (very remotely as funding has been an issue) and other countries. In fact I know Lilli Pretorious is very interested in the work of David Rose who is a founding academic of the RtL pedagogy. RtLSA has been working with this methodology since the early 2000’s and Oxford Uni press are already wanting to develop classroom dvd’s that teachers can use to help with reading and writing skills.

  2. christinedownton

    Gems as always. Loved the booktherapy article especially since it included my all time favorite which never ceases to amuse and orient “Archie and Mehetabel”

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  3. Thanks for your ever-interesting posts, Nic! In case you are unaware of this study, check out
    It is a recent landscape review of the use of mobile devices in teaching reading in the early grades in LMICs – so relevant to the South African context.

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