Start where you are, with what you have…


This is perhaps the most important document to come out of the Department of Basic Education in a long time; Action Plan to 2019: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2030. Although we are regularly faced with much depressing information on the state of education in South Africa, reports like this give me hope that there are some excellent people working in the department, thinking strategically and working within the existing constraints. It is not delusional, the goals are (mostly) realistic, and it charts a clear path to get to where we want to go from where we are.

Education people far and wide – read this, quote it, refer to it and hold the Department to these plans!

2 responses to “Start where you are, with what you have…

  1. Agreed – some very promising and realistic goals, but what do you think of the strategies proposed to attract young people to the teaching profession: “Factors which make teaching a
    rewarding profession, including opportunities to influence young people’s lives and build a better, more equitable nation, should be properly communicated to young teachers-to-be.” I don’t think that is the major problem. There is no mention of improved remuneration (perhaps I missed it) and in my experience that is why many educators leave the profession, not because they don’t understand how valuable it is, but because they are not being paid in a way that encourages commitment beyond a few years or keeps pace with their improved skillset and increased experience?

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