Do you know an outlier township/rural school in KZN, LP or GP??

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So I have finally taken to crowd-sourcing in my research and I need your help!

Do you know of any ‘outlier’ or exceptional township or rural primary schools in either KZN, Limpopo or Gauteng? Schools that manage to succeed against the odds and achieve great learning outcomes.

In a new ESRC/DFID study we want to understand how these schools manage to get the results they do, and specifically to understand the school leadership and management characteristics in these schools. But first we need to identify these outlier schools. We’re trying a number of different approaches to identifying these schools and then triangulating the results.

So word or mouth or your first-hand experience with an exceptional township/rural school could really help us. If you have any suggestions please send me an email at NicholasSpaull[at] with the name of the primary school and why you think it’s an outlier school and any contact info if you have it!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


5 responses to “Do you know an outlier township/rural school in KZN, LP or GP??

  1. Hey friend

    I’ve forwarded this onto a few friends. Will let you know if I hear anything back. They may contact you direct.

    Looking forward to catching up soon x

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Nic

    Here are the first few suggestions that I have received so far: – Thabisang Primary School in Orlando West, Soweto – Motheong Primary School in Attridgeville – Mbilwe in Limpopo

    I expect to receive a few more suggestions re KZN in the next day or so. Will send them through to you as soon as I receive them.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Chat soon.

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  3. Good morning Nic.

    I need to mail you on something regarding schools in the Boland. Intervention is needed but I need some guidance.

    Please assist.


  4. You must be back. Kadesh knows about a few schools in all three provinces. Our network stretches and covers all 9 provinces in fact.

  5. Have you contacted Molly Blank? She did all those articles in the M&G? and made this:

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