Reading in African Languages (panel discussion – CT – 13 June)


Funda Wande, together with the Education Fishtank will be co-hosting a panel discussion on the topic “What do we know about teaching early grade reading in African languages?” There is great line-up of panelists and I’m sure it is going to be a really interesting discussion. To RSVP click HERE.

5 responses to “Reading in African Languages (panel discussion – CT – 13 June)

  1. Hi Nic,
    In this day and age of absolutely great 21st Century technology can we not have this great and timely discussion televised, made into a podcast, developed into a webinar or at least something????
    This will allow for those of us not close enough to attend, to listen in and learn from and depending on the format even contribute to.
    Many thanks
    Irene Reid

  2. Nic, hallo! I can’t find actual times for this discussion on either party’s page. Do you happen to know?  Can’t begin to tell you how frustrating language-in-education is for me. Ziyanda is now in grade 11 at Rhenish, and I’ve just attended feedback with her ) Ed Psych. Basically: she lives 2 separate lives (impoverish home; Rhenish), in 2 different languages, she has never learnt in her home language and she feels like a stroke-victim in that she has SO much to say, but hasn’t the vocab nor comprehension to engage. And she’s been so busy surviving both worlds, that her personality tests show no clear preferences/bents. Basically, impoverish kids are fucked unless helped holistically early on…  The good news? She will au pair in the NL for 2 years after school to discover herself and the world.   Love to you and yours Sarah Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Hi Nic,

    Will you be speaking?


  4. Hi there

    Unable to attend but am hoping you will post a summary of the discussion ?


    Patsy Waites

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