New edited book finally printed “Improving Early Literacy Outcomes” (IBE/Bril)

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I’m currently at the CIES conference in San Francisco where we launched a book that I co-edited with John Comings. The title of the book is “Improving Early Literacy Outcomes: Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment” and it focuses on early literacy in developing countries. My intro chapter (“Learning to Read and Write for Meaning and Pleasure“) provides an overview of the book and includes a few excerpts from chapter 4 (Pretorius, 2019) and chapter 11 (Menon et al, 2019). The book is available for purchase online here. The full list of chapters is included below:

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3 responses to “New edited book finally printed “Improving Early Literacy Outcomes” (IBE/Bril)

  1. De Klerk-Luttig, J, Dr []

    HI Nic

    Thank you for sharing excellent research! I enjoyed reading your chapter.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards

    Jeanette de Klerk-Luttig

  2. Mr Spaull

    I would like to buy the book for the EDULIS Library but it looks as if it’s just published in e-book format? If not, please let me know what the ISBN is for the print publication.



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  3. Dear Nic

    I tried to buy your book through Brill. The UJ won’t accept email credit card information, only fax or telephonic information. Is there an easier way to purchase your book.

    Kind regards

    Jenny Louw – saide

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