Some articles/links I liked…


  • The Sutton Trust has recently published a study (2014) “What makes great teaching? Review of the underpinning research” which looks like a great overview (thanks Joe Muller)
  • Poverty traps and social exclusion among children in South Africa” – 2014 ReSEP report for the SAHRC (summary report here, full report here)
  • The balancing act between the constitutional right to strike and the constitutional right to education” (Deacon, 2014, SAJE)
  • The SARCHi Chair in Teacher Education at CPUT (Prof Yusuf Sayed) has put out a call for post-doctoral students/fellowships (Deadline 10 Dec)
  • Alistair Sparks weighs in on the current situation in South Africa: “There is only one way to rectify the deplorable state we are in, and it surely cannot be long before the stalwarts of the ANC come to recognise and act upon it. Zuma should be asked to step down, even if that requires granting him a blanket amnesty and allowing him to go and enjoy Nkandla. The country and the ANC itself can no longer afford him. His interim successor should then form a government of national unity drawn from all sectors of society, to get the country back on track ahead of the 2019 elections.

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